Let's make saving

second nature

Save money from the moment you send your invoice

Why Foresight?

Financial planning is challenging with contract-based income.

Foresight gives you the tools you need to easily plan and save.

It’s invoicing made easy.


Automated account transfers allow you to easily put a portion of your invoice into savings

Custom invoice templates make invoicing simple and personalized to your brand

Client information is stored to allow for easy recurring invoice generation 

Recommended savings goals support proactive tax preparation 

Foresight generates customized invoices that allow you to put a portion of your income directly into a savings account.


Choose an amount or percentage of your invoice to save and Foresight will split the income between checking and savings. Foresight’s customizable invoices make it easy to plan your contracts and track your income, all in one place.

Set savings goals and visualize progress toward reaching them. 


Easily move funds between checking and savings accounts to plan for emergencies and make progress toward goals. Fluid movement of funds offers the flexibility needed to meet all of life's unexpected challenges.

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